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Snap-On Smile is a product for patients looking to remake their smiles without undergoing extensive dental procedures. It works exactly like it sounds. A new set of teeth is created that can be placed over the current teeth by snapping them in place. Patients can have a new smile in just two quick visits to Phenix Dental.

Snap-On Smile is a great option for patients with stained, chipped, cracked, crooked or missing teeth. After selecting the shade and style of your smile, we will take an impression of your teeth so the Snap-On Smile can be fitted properly. The Snap-On Smile is made with a light, durable resin to create a strong set of removable teeth. In two to three weeks, you will return and your new smile will be waiting! The Snap-On Smile will be placed onto your current teeth. No drilling, no extractions, no whitening chemicals are necessary — the whole process is quick, easy, and painless.

Your friends and family will be amazed by the transformation. You can eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile, and caring for it is very easy. We will supply a cleaning solution during your final appointment. The new device can easily be removed to clean your natural teeth, to participate in sporting events, or before you go to sleep.

With proper care, your Snap-On Smile can last from three to five years. If you have any questions about Snap-On Smile or would like to schedule a consultation, please give Phenix Dental a call at 401.942.4760. Remember, you are only two short visits away from a beautiful new smile.