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“Friendly staff at Phenix Dental. Nice, clean and up-to-date office with new technology. Dentist and staff make every effort to explain treatment and make you comfortable. I will definitely recommend this office.”

Mark W.

“Everyone at the Phenix office was super friendly, pleasant and helpful when I went there for the first time. The dentist was concerned about my comfort and explained everything before starting the treatment. I was very afraid of having a root canal done. But the dentist and his staff made it very comfortable. I will recommend this place to my family.”

Diaz D.

“I went to the Phenix Dental office at the recommendation of a friend, and to be honest, I have already had a really good experience on a couple of my visits. Right from the front desk to the doctors & staff, everyone is very friendly, patient, empathetic and considerate. My dentist was very knowledgeable and walked me through the entire treatment process. He advised me to put more emphasis on preventive techniques and how to manage and maintain oral hygiene and take precautions which are more realistic. The facility was equipped with digital X-ray and seamlessly archived all my information, insurance & billing, X-rays and treatment history into my profile. All info was updated electronically during my subsequent visit. I am definitely going back to Phenix in future for my regular dental check-ups.”

Sharma A.

“I went to Phenix Dental at the recommendation of my fiancé and it was a great experience overall. The staff was extremely professional, attentive, courteous and friendly.  He was telling me exactly what he was doing with each new step and would tell me what to expect and to raise my hand if I needed him to pause. I really liked that I was able to talk candidly with Dr. Mehra and he described my issues in a clear way. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything well. Dental visits are never fun but this was definitely the best experience overall compared to other dental offices I’ve been to. Highly recommended”.

Cecelia G.